Epiphany story lab

I was approached a year ago by a startup film education company called Epiphany Story Lab that need some brand identity help and design work. I fell in love with the idea and what they were doing. ESL is the brain child of director Micheal Flaherty who founded Walden Media Co. which produced movies like Chronicles of Narnia and Holes. Flaherty wanted to start a school for students to enroll and come learn the ins and outs of the movie industry. They needed a brand that represented growth in ideas and production. This is where the lightbulb came in. I wanted the "E" in Epiphany to mimic the spark of a light bulb going off for the "idea" element and of course it needed to be clean and simple. I also got to design and produce their letterpress printed business cards which is always a treat, those are pictured above.