👋🏻 Hello! I'm Joey Gross. I currently live in Kansas City leading design teams at a healthcare tech startup.

Hey there! I'm the Kansas City kid who turned my love for design into a life of pressing letters and designing products. I launched my letterpress company, Public Print, not just because I love the smell of ink in the morning, but also because there's something magical about creating art that you can touch and feel.

When I'm not covered in ink, you'll find me leading design teams, tackling the complexities of mobile and web applications. It's been 6 years of leading, learning, and occasionally, spilling coffee on my designs. I also dabble in marketing strategy, from paid ads to lead generation – basically, if it needs designing or selling, I'm your guy.

Fun fact: I bought my childhood home and turned it into a haven of creativity with my wife, who's the genius behind Veak Ceramics. Together, we're the unofficial 'artsy power couple' of our neighborhood. Our two dogs are our biggest fans, always wagging their tails in approval (or maybe they just want treats).

So, from pressing letters to pressing buttons on a computer, and from childhood dreams to adult realities, I'm living proof that you can make a career out of your passions. And who knows? Maybe one day, I'll design something that's out of this world. But for now, I'll stick to making the web and Kansas City a little more beautiful.