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I’m a Kansas City native making an attempt to leave a mark in the creative and print communities in this great city. I developed a passion for printmaking during school when I turned my tiny apartment into a makeshift studio. Once I caught the print bug I fell in love with letterpress and the equipment behind the process and I started digging, restoring and bringing to life ancient presses. That passion slowly grew into a functional business called Survival Letterpress that eventually lead to the position I’m currently in at a letterpress shop in North Kansas City. Graphic design is great but when you can throw a press made in the 60s into the mix that’s when beautiful things really start to happen.

I firmly believe that growth comes from learning and experiencing new things so I started building furniture in my free time. You can never have too many side hustles. Keep me working, keep me learning and you’ll keep me happy.

My journey in the print industry has shaped the designer and creative that I am today. I've learned a lot about how to manage and run a successful business and the struggles and triumphs that go into that. I have made a lot of mistakes but I have also had a lot of victories. I am grateful to have made so many connections in Kansas City and I continue to grow more and more passionate about this city and the people that make it run and operate. 

Letterpress and print is such a unique industry and I'm lucky to play a small part in it here in Kansas City. Posters, coffee bags, business cards... You name it, I've printed it, foil stamped it, die-cut it, embossed it or designed it. There's always something new everyday that comes through our shop doors that challenges me and makes me think and problem solve and I love the hustle behind that.