Head of Design


Design System, App Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, Social & Paid Ads

Tools used: Figma, Adobe CS, Wordpress, Meta Ads, HubSpot

Innovating In-Home Spa Experiences: The myMedSpa Project

At Haled, we identified an exciting opportunity to extend our technology to Medical Spas through myMedSpa. As the lead designer, I not only steered the development of this innovative service line but also took charge of the marketing dimensions. This included crafting a client-facing mobile app that is custom-tailored and white-labeled for each spa, enhancing the privacy and convenience of in-home treatments. My role expanded to designing the marketing website, overseeing our social media presence, and orchestrating effective paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Meta and Google, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand message.

Bridging Spas and Clients: A Comprehensive Design and Marketing Strategy

MyMedSpa is a testament to our dual-focused approach: delivering excellent user experiences and robust marketing strategies. I managed the development of a user-friendly, web-based booking platform and an online portal for spa businesses. These tools are pivotal in managing appointments and provider activities. Parallel to this, my responsibility included driving the marketing strategy, creating visually compelling content for social media, and designing targeted ad campaigns. This blend of design and marketing ensures that both spas and their clients enjoy a seamless and engaging interaction.

BA Holistic Design Vision: From Provider App to Marketing

In crafting myMedSpa's provider app, I focused on functionality and ease of use, essential for providers on the move. This app is a crucial part of a larger ecosystem that includes the white-labeled mobile app and the web booking platform. Balancing this, I also spearheaded the marketing efforts, from the website's design to the execution of finely-tuned ad campaigns. This holistic approach in design and marketing underscores our commitment to providing an end-to-end solution, making the myMedSpa experience intuitive for users and advantageous for businesses.